Light colors and Tribal Print

Lizzz1             Hey lovelies! So I’ve been very, very busy this past week living the glamorous life of a college student. You know, exams, projects and everything else in between, which has caused me to slightly abandon the blog (insert tears here). But I wouldn’t miss another “what I wore Wednesday” for the world! Today’s look was inspired by the fact that it’s not too cold outside, but it’s definitely not too hot.

lizzz 3          I have a thing, you can call it an obsession, with tribal pants. So when I saw these pants at a random store near my house, I had to pick them up. These pants are extremely comfortable and the pattern is really fun and bright. I decided to go with a basic colored top because the pants are a character of its own, so I thought a creme cardigan would fit. This light pink shirt underneath was something that I also thought was a good addition to this look. The gold cuff is also my new favorite accessory.

lizzzz2               Finally, even though spring is near, it’s still cold and I’m still wearing boots! These leather boots is one of the best investments I’ve ever made, as they go with just about anything.

Like what you see? Find out how to get it below!

Earrings: Charlotte Russe- $7

Cardigan- Mossimo– $19.99

Tank- Mossimo– $7.99

Cuff- Citi Trends $9

Pants- Citi Trends– $20.99

Photo: Joy Yala

Style: Elizabeth Randolph


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