Five ways to stay positively single this Christmas (feat. the cutest ugly Christmas sweater)


Hello lovelies! I hope you are all having an amazing day in chic! While the holidays can be a glorious and magical time and a relief from our real lives, it is also the time when you’re reminded just how single you actually are. Sure you’re going on casual dates for free food and some laughs or flirting with a guy from work or your favorite coffee shop, but are they really worth the mockery and shade your family will most likely dish out? Chances are, no they are not. So, you will be by yourself when you go home which you may or may not have a problem with. Unfortunately, some of those around you might, which can make you feel as if you should care about a decision you made for YOUR life! It doesn’t have to be like that, though. I have five positive ways you can defeat the single woman holiday blues, as well as share my little photo shoot I did all by myself!


5. Spend time with old friends

If you’re coming home from out of state this Christmas, chances are there’s a lot of people you haven’t seen from your hometown. You might follow them on social media and see them constantly share “Snoop Dogg”  memes or pictures of their babies, but more than likely you’ve only held a conversation with about two of those people. The holiday season is the perfect time to connect with these old friends and hang out with them. This is perfect for a single girl because more than likely you’ve ruled out being with anyone from your hometown so it takes the edge off when you go out.


4. Shout yourself out!

    I won’t lie, no matter how optimistic you are, there will be a family gathering, church function, or just a stroll to your mom’s living room when someone won’t ask you the condescending “why are you single?” question. It’s not really the question that’s frustrating, it’s the fact that someone asks you as if you are committing the ultimate sin and need to run to the nearest church and ask God to heal you of this evil, single spirit. In order to avoid feeling like you should have a scarlet “S” on your chest, find ways to give yourself props! No you don’t have someone right now, but you did get a 4.0 this semester, bringing you one step closer to your goals! No bun in the oven yet, but you’ll be able to get the car you’ve had your eyes on thanks to that new promotion at work. Adding these subtle facts about the positives things happening in other aspects of your life may make your family see that you are far from sitting in your apartment and watching ‘90s romantic comedies (Ok maybe you do, but no more than the average woman).


3. Stay off of social media as much as possible!

Social media, like most vices, need break times once in awhile. I’ve had to take a few social media breaks and I definitely think it’s necessary in order to secure your sanity. If you haven’t taken a social media break yet, what better way to start than during the holidays? That way, you avoid seeing all of the unnecessary extraness from people who love just a little too hard on social media during this time of year.

2. Spend time with family

As we get older, the holidays become less and less about family and more and more about relationships and feeling inadequate if you aren’t in one now. I urge you to use this opportunity to be with the ones who loved you way before a boy or girl did. This is so important because the time you spend with your family is so precious and not promised to anyone every year. There will be plenty of time for you to bring home an SO and you shouldn’t isolate your family because that part of your life isn’t together yet.


Being home and seeing other people living a different life than you or maybe the one you chose against can make you feel as if you made the wrong choice somewhere in life. But don’t let the holidays take you away from your real life and what you’ve accomplished in it. You’ve done so much for yourself and you should celebrate that no matter what the day is. So be amazing, eat good food and spend time with fabulous people. And, as always, live your life in chic!


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