Frugal florals

“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking”

Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada.


Hi lovelies! I hope you are all having a great hump day in chic! If you’re like me and obsessed with fashion and film, you know the above quote is used almost EVERY Spring and, surprisingly, I’ve never written it until now. As cliche as they seem to be, almost every fashionista has a floral print article of clothing in their closet for the season. Floral looks great when used creatively and is paired with other prints or just solid colors. I love to wear floral skirts and dresses as much as I can in the warm weather.

While unpacking, I found a skirt I haven’t worn since possibly my freshman or sophomore year of college. I liked the skirt when I bought it but for some reason I didn’t wear it often. The skirt was from Charlotte Russe and I found it on sale, as I was almost more broke than I am now (back then I lived in a dorm and rent wasn’t real). I knew I had to wear it again some day and thought yesterday would be perfect, as it was 75 degrees and a great time to show some skin.

I decided to pair the skirt with a bodysuit from Rainbow. I wanted the skirt to be the statement piece and the suit flowed nicely with the black waistband on the skirt. I didn’t think any other shoes were better for this look than my boots from Macy’s. Yes, I am definitely an advocate for wearing boots in the Spring when necessary! Boots are great with flowy skirts like this one and it fits my bohemian vibe.

Wearing something you already have and making it different is the best way to be. It is both a time and money saver and allows you to be creative in your look. While I was putting this look together, I wasn’t sure why I never thought about it before. Florals can be overdone but don’t think you’re not “fashionable” or “groundbreaking” for wearing them. And it doesn’t have to be Gucci or Moschino, it can be the thrifted dress you wore when you were broke and needed something to wear or something on sale. Shop according to your bank account and not by the opinions of everyone else. Your pocket and your spirit will definitely thank you.


unnamed 4unnamed5

unnamed 2
Photography and styling by Liz



I hope this look inspires you to dig through your closet and find something you already have to make new again this Spring!




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