Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Elaine Welterworth round out this week’s #FierceWomenFriday

Happy Friday my lovelies! This week has been nothing short of bonkers and I can’t wait to unwind with some wine and Shameless (I’m kind of obsessed with that show)! But, for now, I’m serving you this week’s fierce women who not only made headlines this week, but used their platforms to once again inspire others.


My First Lady Michelle Obama returned following she and my president’s almost five month departure from the world and the chaos surrounding our country. As happy as I was to see her, I was more happy to hear her and listen to her always inspiring optimism. She did that and more this week! It’s truly amazing what a vacation and letting out your natural coils can do to your mindset. In this week alone, Mrs. Obama has had a mural crafted, has declared to continue her support for the advancement of high school students and on Thursday had one of her first speeches since leaving the White House. She’s done more after her vacation in one week than I would’ve done in one month! But, then again, that’s one of the reasons she’s my forever FLOTUS.



Elaine Welterworth was named Editor-In-Chief of Teen Vogue on Thursday. After working as the magazine’s digital content editor, Welterworth was asked to be one of three editors for the publication after Amy Astley’s departure in May 2016. Since then, Welterworth has been at the forefront of Teen Vogue and has helped to transform the magazine in a major way by highlighting the very real issues in our society. I was so happy to see the articles empowering black women with stories told by black teens in ways I wish I could’ve seen from Teen Vogue when I was a teenager. Now that Welterworth has become the EIC, we can expect more stories that represents the magazine’s diverse group of readers.


As you’ve seen multiple times on this blog, I love me some Beyonce! I’ve always been a fan, but last year really made me grow to love and respect her work ethic and continuous drive. In honor of the one year anniversary of the masterpiece Lemonade, Beyonce announced on Tuesday she has created a scholarship for creative, fearless young women pursuing their Bachelor and Masters degrees. The Formation Scholars award will be for women pursuing a degree in music, creative arts, literature and African-American studies. The scholarship was given the Michelle Obama stamp of approval as she thanked Beyonce for “investing in our girls”. I don’t think anything screams #Blackgirlmagic more than that!

These women had amazing accomplishments this week and I can’t wait to see what they all do in the months ahead! I hope you all have accomplished a lot this week as well and remember to take some quality self care time this weekend!




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