Stylebook: Fashion dupe for Balenciaga boots



        Balenciaga released its boots earlier this year as part of its Spring 2017 collection and they have been all over Instagram and blogs. Celebrities have flocked to the trend, including YouTube star Tlazsa. While it is summer, boots can definitely be worn and this trend is sure to come along. 

YouTube star following the trend in boot covers on her Instagram page.
From the Balenciaga Ready-to-Wear line

       But what if you don’t have the $1,350 it takes to own a pair of these stylish gems? Or, what if you do, but you refuse to even think about paying that much? No worries, I have found a dupe for this trend that is sure to make people think the boots came straight off of the runway. 

boot post

 These over the knee high heel boots from Doll Skill are priced at $58 and are incredibly similar to the Balenciaga boots. The boots can be worn in both a casual and party setting and is great with a t-shirt dress like this one from River Island. Eclectic accessories also pair well to finish off this look. The entire look alone will be around $150-200 and is a fun, creative way to avoid sacrificing rent! 

What are your thoughts on these boots? Are they a great dupe? Comment your thoughts below!

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